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The project we had with Demos Effect really helped us in our strategy development and in creating new product and service concepts.

Jouko Jokinen, Editor-in-Chief, Aamulehti

We are happy with the results and can recommend Demos Effect to anyone wanting to find innovative and scalable ways to improve customer behaviour.

Heikki Valkjärvi, CEO, Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region HOAS

Especially useful for us was Demos Effect’s stakeholder workshop, where Demos invited our customers and potential partners. The way Demos brings people together and facilitates discussion is fresh and new.

Sari Siitonen, Vice President, Strategy and Public Affairs, Gasum

Demos Effect gave us a kickstart. They really helped us understand the scale of issues in our business as well as our customers.

Tuulikki Markkula, Customer Relationship Director, Rautakesko

Practically all the concepts that emerged from our collaboration are now deployed. That's value for time and money

Jaana Korhola – Managing Director, Fazer Food Services

The meetings with Demos Effect were both thought-provoking and insightful.  

Richard Wright, Behavioural Science Director, Unilever
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A new playing field for business is currently being defined, where rules are set by transformative megatrends. The demand for natural resources and energy is bypassing their supply for the first time in history, while digital services are turning industry after industry upside down. Consumer lifestyle choices are changing, and through social media, customers now have the power to demand what they want.

Forward-looking companies know that fighting these changes is useless. Instead, it’s necessary to understand what’s going on in the competitive environment and where things are headed. Furthermore, developing a solid understanding of customers’ needs is more important than ever.

This is where we can help.

Demos Effect is a management consulting firm with a mission for changing the way companies do business. We specialize in combining foresight research and co-creation methods with product, strategy and business model development. Our aim is to help companies turn consumer insights and foresight into future-proof business opportunities.

By working with us you will be able to shape your future instead of reacting to it. So don’t hesitate: Contact us today, and you’ll be shaping your tomorrow!

Demos Effect Team

Juha Leppänen, CEO

Juha Leppänen is the CEO of Demos Effect. He is a social scientist who’s specialised in strategy work, foresight and multi-stakeholder processes. Juha is skilled in understanding socially important trends in the context of lifestyles, global change, new forms of social solutions and the media.

+358 40 700 6585

Johanna Lampinen, COO

Johanna Lampinen has more than ten years of professional experience of working for large international corporations and in management consulting. Before joining Demos Effect, Johanna held various supply chain management and leadership positions at Nokia, as well as managed fundraising performance at the American Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington DC.  She has a business degree from the Helsinki School of Economics.

+358 50 48 00 284

Roope Mokka

Roope Mokka is an expert on societal change and innovation. He specializes in helping organizations overcome difficult challenges. Roope has 15 years of international experience as a strategic level advisor on future technologies, markets and societies.

+358 44 040 04 13

Risto Lätti, Principal Consultant

Risto Lätti is an expert on strategy, foresight, sustainable business models, and international business. Before joining Demos Effect, Risto has worked in the banking sector as well as an entrepreneur. Risto has a degree in International Business from the State University of New York at Buffalo and in Creative Sustainability from Aalto University School of Business.

+358 40 932 9520

Johannes Nuutinen, Principal Consultant

Johannes Nuutinen’s main expertise areas are emerging economies and social challenges. Johannes has a degree in development studies and several years of academic and professional experience in working with large companies in combatting social challenges. Prior to working at Demos Effect, Johannes founded think tank Avanto Helsinki, which was acquired by Demos Effect in 2015.

+358 45 203 3123


Antti Tarvainen, Principal Consultant

Antti Tarvainen expertise is finding companies their comparative advantage from societal changes and needs. Antti’s specialization lies in glocalization tactics that help companies to achieve radically sustainable strategies for growth in different business contexts. Antti has a backround in development studies and political economy. Prior to working at Demos Effect, Antti founded think tank Avanto Helsinki, which was acquired by Demos Effect in 2015.

+358 40 8255 066

Olli Bremer, Manager, Product Development and Sales

Olli concentrates in sales and marketing as well as in developing customer management processes and offering. Prior to working at Demos Effect, Olli worked at Dream Broker as Head of Customer Management, Finland. His expertise is in knowledge transfer models and leading renewal process. Concurrently with work, he is finishing his Master’s studies in Aalto University School of Science studying knowledge-intensive organizations.

+358 46 600 0804

Henrik Suikkanen, Consultant

Henrik Suikkanen is an economist and consultant at Demos Effect. He specializes in business model creation in digital era and facilitation of strategic collaboration and experiments. He is also an author of Work 2040 scenario publication. Prior to joining Demos Effect, Henrik was developing the business of a fast growing technology company, Vala Group, and worked as an intern at Finnish OECD delegation.

+358 44 322 2632

Louna Laurila, Consultant

Louna Laurila has an international background with experience in sustainable business strategies, customer behavior and market research.  She has a degree in business from Aalto University and done studies at University of Victoria in Canada and at Humboldt in Berlin. Prior to joining Demos Effect, Louna has worked in marketing and conducted various consulting projects related to consumer behavior and business strategies.

+358 400 628 521

Viivi Haimi, Product Development and Sales

Viivi Haimi’s main expertise areas are sustainable business strategies and business in developing countries. She has studied world politics in the University of Helsinki. In addition, she has studied in India and Spain. Before joining Demos Effect Viivi worked with development and sustainability issues in the NGO sector.

+358 503016589

Eric Wong, International Business Development

Eric helps Demos Effect builds bridges between Finland and the United States.

After graduating from Columbia University with a B.A. in Economics and Mathematics and studying the Finnish language and culture, Eric came to Finland to study globalization through the Fulbright student program in 2015-2016. Currently, he is finishing a M.Sc. in Economics at Aalto University School of Business. Eric has done work for Vaisala’s U.S. headquarters through their Giant Leap program as part of the Traffic-Weather Consultancy division.

+358 40 251 5581

Henri Saarela, Product Development and Sales

Henri Saarela has expertise in corporate strategy and finance. He studies finance and economics at Aalto University and previous to joining Demos, he has worked at M&A advisory and sales. Henri is especially interested in megatrends changing the environment and creating new business models, and competitive advantage arising from sustainability.

+358 40 488 94 04

Oona Frilander, Coordinator, Sales and Customer Relations (on Study Leave)

Oona Frilander is responsible for coordinating customer relations and sales at Demos Effect. Before joining Demos Effect Oona worked at Miltton Networks, an agency specialized in public affairs. Oona has a business degree from Hanken School of Economics and has continued her studies in a multidisciplinary Creative Sustainability master’s programme at Aalto University. Oona is on study leave until spring 2017.



In the press




Industry: Energy

Fortum is an energy company with operation in Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia and Poland. In 2013, Fortum’s sales totalled EUR 6.1 billion. Demos Effect helps Fortum find new smarter ways to grow and engage in downstream innovation.

Fazer Food Services

Industry: Catering

Fazer Food Services is the market leader in catering in the Nordic area, with restaurants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and brands such as Amica. The company needed a way to change the increasing concern for the environment into business. A previously difficult task was overcome with Demos Effect’s approach.

“Practically all the concepts that emerged from our Demos Effect collaboration are employed in our restaurants in one way or another! We learned an entirely new approach to both sustainable food and to how to make a business out of it. That is value for time and money.”

Jaana Korhola, Managing Director, Fazer Food Services


Industry: Energy

Gasum develops the Finnish biogas industry and is the leading company in Finland serving biogas and liquefied natural gas. Demos Effect helped Gasum to deepen their understanding of megatrends, to recognize and prioritize their possibilities arising from these trends.”

“With Demos Effect we have deepened our understanding of megatrends and our ability to recognize new business opportunities, in addition to building a Smart Society -concept. Especially useful for us was Demos Effect’s stakeholder workshop, where Demos invited our customers and potential partners.”

Sari Siitonen, Vice President, Strategy and Public Affairs, Gasum


Industry: Consumer goods

Unilever products have two billion users every day. The company joined Demos Effect to figure out how to change consumer groups behaviour to consume less natural resources by creating new business.

“The meetings I had with Demos Effect were both thought-provoking and insightful. They have impressive people who possess a rare mixture of environmental urgency as well as strong awareness of the needs of business.‎”

Richard Wright, Behavioural Science Director, Unilever


Industry: Hardware retail

Rautakesko is a hardware store giant from Finland. The company wanted to sell a new thing – energy-efficiency – to their customers. In the Demos Effect’s Smart Business workshop people throughout the organization were brought together to innovate and create business cases for the new markets.

“Demos Effect gave us a kickstart. They really helped us understand the scale of issues in our business as well as our customers. As a result we created an entirely new concept for shops.”

Tuulikki Markkula, Customer Relationship Director, Rautakesko

Our Story

Demos Effect is the management consulting arm of Demos Helsinki, a Nordic think tank. Demos Helsinki was founded in 2005 by Roope Mokka and Aleksi Neuvonen and its purpose is to research and develop understanding of how megatrends are affecting the everyday lives of individuals and organizations.

During the past ten years Demos Helsinki has grown to become an international innovation, research and consultancy power house. We are known for our cutting-edge foresight research and for doing extensive collaboration with partners coming from all sectors of society: companies, cities, governments and other communities. We currently employ 30 people.

Demos Effect helps companies find ways to turn long term issues into drivers for their business. We believe that innovating by bringing people, institutions, stakeholders, users, and customers to work together is the only way forward.

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