Megatrend Coaching

Demos Effect’s Megatrend Coaching is a service that counteracts the insider view that kills successful companies. The Coaching combines creative thinking and uncompromising foresight research.

What you get?

Our Megatrend Coaching will help you open up your thinking and see new opportunities in your business environment. With systemic understanding of megatrends that affect your business you will be able to take advantage of the new possibilities arising within and around your industry.


Lectures, quick workshops and keynote speeches for executive teams, management and other key personnel on megatrends and how they affect your business environment.

Topics can be selected to be the most relevant for you from our wide range of different expertise fields such as Key Global Megatrends, Open Innovation, Technology after gadgets and Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Digital Urban Services,  Foresight as a Strategic Tool, Business Model Innovation, E-Health, and Sustainable Lifestyles and Consumption.


Interested? Contact us and we will design a Megatrend Coaching session fitting for your companys needs!