Platform Business

Demos Effect's Platform Business concepts helps your company create your future-proof business: smart products, services and business model innovations. We will make your new business smart: asset-light, digital, collaborative, human-centric, affordable and sustainable.

What you get?

By using our Platform Business service you will make sure your new business concepts scalable and optimized for disruptive markets.


We bring foresight into your product development and apply co-creation tools to developed future-proof business concepts: Consumer market business models, products and services that benefit from technological disruption that platform economies and Internet of Things (IoT) bring about.

Platform Business is aimed especially for creating business concepts in order to move from products to service, from asset building to network facilitation and from plans to prototypes. We work with various industries such as FMCG, retail, food, mobility, housing, property, energy, ICT, tourism and hospitality on business concept development.

Interested? Contact us and we will meet to plan the right business development approach for your company!